Mon, Feb 20

Ch. 7, Political Violence


  1. Explain the notion of "political violence" to someone who hasn't read this chapter. Include a supporting example or two.
  2. Do you find the presented explanations for why political violence occurs adequate (or convincing)? Explain your answer.
  3. Are revolutions a good thing? How so or why not? Under what circumstances could you imagine participating in one?
  4. How did reading this chapter expand or change what you previously understood or thought about terrorism? Be specific.
  5. Which of the discussed causes of terrorism—institutional, ideational, or individual—makes the most sense to you, and why?
  6. How should liberal democracies best respond to political violence? Connect your answer to the discussion on pp. 233-235.
  7. When is it okay for "a person" to engage in political violence? Is your answer different for yourself? Explain your answers.
  8. Answer the numbered questions in the "IiA" or "Q&M" box, then explain why should we care about the box's main question.