Tue, Feb 2

POL 309-800, International Law
SUNY Oswego | Spring 2021
Dr. Craig Warkentin

  • International Law (3-4)
  • International Law: 100 Ways It Shapes Our Lives
  • Guard against Inadvertent Plagiarism (Turabian, §7.9, 81-83); Reasons for Citing Your Sources (Turabian, §15.1, 139-140); The Requirements of Citations (Turabian, §15.2, 140-142); Ch. 18, Author-Date Style: The Basic Form (Turabian, 223–235); Books (Turabian, §19.1, 238-254)

  • Articulate what's expected of you in this course, and why.
  • Explain the course assignments and how they'll be graded.
  • Consider your initial goals for this class and this semester.
  • Define international law and, broadly, what it encompasses.



  1. How would you define or describe "international law"? Were pp. 3-4 helpful in that regard? Why?
  2. Which of the 100 ways most affect your life? Select a few examples and, for each, describe how.
  3. Which of the 100 ways did you find most surprising? Obvious? Encouraging? Explain your answers.
  4. Did reading 100 Ways change your preconceptions about international law? How so, or why not?