Thu, Feb 18

POL 309-800, International Law
SUNY Oswego | Spring 2021
Dr. Craig Warkentin

  • Ch. 3, The Law of Treaties (71-85)

  • Define what "treaty" means and includes
  • Describe IL with regard to reservations
  • Explain how/when treaties become valid

  • obligations erga omnes (82)
  • instrument of ratification (73)
  • International Law Commission (76)
  • pacta sunt servanda (74)
  • ratification (73)
  • reservation (74)


P. 82

  1. If you were representing the State of Alpha which had become a party to the Convention many years ago and you were now informed by the U.N. Secretary-General that the United States had ratified the Convention subject to the above reservations, what response would you advise your state to make to these reservations?
  2. If you were drafting a multilateral convention and you wished to include an article on the permissibility or impermissibility of reservations, what factors would influence whether you would allow reservations to certain articles or whether you would ban them?