POL 309-800, International Law | Dr. Craig Warkentin
State University of New York at Oswego | Fall 2022
Tuesday/Thursday, 12:45-2:05 | 214 Mahar Hall


Written assignment submissions that don't meet stated requirements are subject to a score reduction or other penalty, to be levied at my discretion. I reserve the right to give you a zero on any late, missed, or refused assignment. Written assignments with missing or improperly formatted citations also may receive a score of zero.

Participation (100 Points)

This component of your grade combines your attendance rate, the quality of your classroom contributions, and your demonstrated engagement in the course throughout the semester.

Papers (300 Points)

This assignment asks you to present three distinctively personal responses to selected course readings, as assigned below. Your specific task is to think about what you read in your subject chapters, sort it out in a (new) way that makes sense (or is useful) to you, and offer your "personal take" on the material.

There's more than one way to complete this assignment. But essentially, you can discuss anything of interest as long as you address the assignment expectations.

When I grade each paper, I'll primarily look for three things:

I'll also take into account your Presentation, which comprises:

Finally, I'll factor in your writing quality and citation formatting.

Use only assigned course reading, relevant classroom material, original insights, and your personal experience as source material for these papers. Using other ("outside") sources constitutes cheating and could subject you to disciplinary action.

The word count for each paper (excluding your reference list) should be at least 1000 words and no more than (about) 1200 words.

Submit each of the three papers listed below for your assigned group.

Group 1 Chapters Deadlines
  • Thompson
  • Tobolski
  • Turoski
  • Yatabe
Chapter 2
Sep 14, 12:30pm
Chapter 6
Oct 7, 12:30pm
Chapter 10
Nov 9, 12:30pm
Group 2 Chapters Deadlines
  • Clark
  • De Asa
  • Leo
  • Machado
Chapter 3
Sep 16, 12:30pm
Chapter 7
Oct 14, 12:30pm
Chapter 11
Nov 16, 12:30pm
Group 3 Chapters Deadlines
  • Main
  • Matos
  • Nedbalska
  • Onufriychuk
  • Reilly
Chapter 4
Sep 21, 12:30pm
Chapter 8
Oct 21, 12:30pm
Chapter 12
Nov 18, 12:30pm
Group 4 Chapters Deadlines
  • Balogh
  • Bangy
  • Bradshaw
  • Burgess
  • Caprin
Chapter 5
Sep 30, 12:30pm
Chapter 9
Oct 28, 12:30pm
Chapter 13
Nov 24, 12:30pm

Questions (100 Points)

For this assignment, you'll need to submit answers to two questions from the day's assigned reading on six separate class dates. Your first three submissions must be selected from Chapters 3-8 in the casebook, and your second three submissions must be selected from Chapters 9-14.

For each of your six submissions, you'll need to:

  1. Choose two of the qualifying questions listed on the class web page for your selected date. Only questions listed on those pages will be accepted for this assignment.
    • Clearly identify each of the two Questions you choose to answer.
    • The Reading section of the syllabus has links to class web pages.
    • Qualifying questions will be posted as the semester progresses.
  2. Write a brief but reasonably thorough response to each of your two selected questions. Your answers needn't be perfect, but they should (at least) do the following:
    • Demonstrate your understanding of relevant subject material.
    • Indicate a working familiarity with applicable international law.
    • Articulate opinions and positions called for in your questions.

Each question response will be worth 10 points. At the end of the semester, I'll drop your two lowest response scores.

Questions are due at 12:30 PM on the date your subject material is listed on the course syllabus.


Tips for success: