Fri, Feb 10

The Second Internet: The Brussels Bourgeois Internet


  1. Highlight some legal/technical details of the Brussels Bourgeois Internet and GDPR. Are the implications/consequences of these details good or bad? Why, and how so?
  2. What are the key points of contention between the Silicon Valley Open Internet and the Brussels Bourgeois Internet? On which side of each issue do you stand, and why?
  3. Which of these points of contention do you consider most significant? Most challenging? Most easy to address? Most difficult to address? Explain each of your responses.
  4. In what specific ways might the nature of the Internet (or the way that it works) impact the successful implementation of either an Open Internet or a Bourgeois Internet?
  5. Given a choice between an ideal Open Internet or an ideal Bourgeois Internet, which would you choose? Why? Support your position with distinctively personal insights.