Readings and websites on relevant global issues:

In Print

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CIVICUS – An international organization that seeks to promote global citizen action and strengthen civil society.

Country Reports on Terrorism – An annual U.S. government report issued by the Department of State.

ForeignAffairs – This companion site for the influential journal includes articles, abstracts, and other resources for academics and policy makers.

Global Civil Society Yearbook – Archived copies and links to new editions of an annually published yearbook on civil society ideas, debates, campaigns, and actors.

Global Policy Forum: NGOs – Links to resources on NGOs, with a focus on their policymaking role at the United Nations

Global Terrorism Index – Published by the Institute for Economics and Peace, this report systematically ranks and compares countries according to the impact of terrorism.

Inside the Terror Network – A PBS Frontline documentary that focuses on the personal lives of three 9/11 hijackers; includes al- Qaeda training manual excerpts and handwritten instructions for the attacks.

Institute for Economics and Peace – Publishes the Global Terrorism Index (linked above) and the annual Global Peace Index.

International Affairs Resources – Part of the WWW Virtual Library, this site contains more than 2500 annotated links to resources on world politics.

Reshaping World Politics – The companion website for the book upon which this module is based.

Roots of Terrorism – Companion websites for some PBS Frontline documentaries on 9/11 and related issues.

September 11 Sourcebooks – A collection of relevant government documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, maintained by the National Security Archive.

Terrorism Monitor – Maintained by The Jamestown Foundation, this site offers in-depth analysis of the "War on Terror."

Topic: Terrorism – Maintained by the Council on Foreign Relations, this site offers a wide range of information about terrorism and related issues, presented in an accessible blog-style format.

Understanding 9/11: A Television News Archive – A library of U.S. and international TV news coverage of the September 11 attacks and their aftermath.

U.S. Department of State – Extensive resources and information on international affairs (provided by the U.S. government).

The World Factbook – CIA-compiled profiles, maps, and other resources covering virtually every country in the world.